The 6 Best-Tasting K-Cups You’ve Never Heard of

Ever since Keurig invented the K-Cup, coffee drinkers have been searching for the best-tasting little plastic contraption they can find.  Companies like Green Mountain, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts may rule the K-Cup world, but there are some hidden gems that The Bean Buzz wants to share with you.  We have tasted K-Cups from all around the world and here are 6 excellent tasting brews that you just must try:

Jammin Java - Montego Morning Light Roast


This flavorful light roast is packed with caffeine, but doesn't lack from taste.  The roaster features a beautiful blend of Central and South American beans by complimenting their cinnamon, nougat flavor with a limited roast.  The cup has hints of spicy and sweet notes that is amazingly fun to the palette.  Ethically sourced, the Jammin Java Montego Morning is a great start to any coffee drinker's day.




Rabbit Roasting Coffee Company - Guatemalan Medium Roast

rabbit-roasting-logoRabbit Coffee Roasting Company is a craft roasting company based out of Palm Beach, FL. They pride themselves on seasonally selecting some of the world's best micro-lot coffee beans and roasting them artfully.  Their Guatemalan signature cup is a medium roast of delicious coffee.  They have talked about expanding their k-cup line, so make sure to check in from time-to-time.




Brown Gold - Kenya - Medium Roast

Brown Gold is a brand that can be found in many places, but doesn't typically have the stigma of some of the more mainstream coffee brands.  Their Kenyan medium roast K-Cup can hang with any of the big boys.  It has a rich, smooth flavor typical of Kenyan coffee and it doesn't lose too much of the ground saturation from being in a cup.  A must try...




Snake River Coffee Company

snake-river-logoSnake River Roasting Company is a located in Jackson Hole, WY.  These artisan micro-roasters have optimized their bean roasting technique to bring forward the beans optimal flavors and aromas.  They have implemented refractometers and worked to introduce a K-Cup that would not compromise the optimal 100% Arabica bean recipe they have been known for.  While their K-Cups are not 2.0 compatible and their cups are a bit unorthodox, they taste great.




Balzac - A Dark Affair - Dark Roast

For those coffee drinkers that have a hard time straying from Starbucks bold roasts and flavors, we may have just the k-cup for you... Balzac's A Dark Affair sings of dark, bold notes and deep rich flavor.  For a capsule, it screams of the punch that many people lose in drinking k-cups.  This dark, stout roast will please even the toughest cup critics.





Kona - One Cup 100% Kona

Kona's 100% One Cup offers the true, legendary Hawaiian Kona Coffee in a single-serve K-Cup.  While this didn't work in our Keurig 2.0 Coffee Maker, we used a hack and the flavor didn't fall short.  They don't skimp on the coffee at a staggering 13 grams of fine-medium ground coffee and this cup is able to truly highlight the fine Kona taste.  They aren't giving it away at about $2 per cup, but sometimes you have to treat yourself... we've definitely wasted $25 on things that were much more stupid!



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