Doctors Find Cure for Bitter Coffee

What started out as lunch between colleagues enjoying a bowl of Vietnamese food at a South Florida restaurant named, "What the Pho" turned into a coffee break-through that has the coffee world buzzing.

Dr. Richard Mendelson and Doctor Chris Stabile, a pair of professors at local Keiser

Basically from old school mortar and pestle to your K-Cup

Basically from old school mortar and pestle to your K-Cup

University, teaching Psychology and Higher Education respectively, began to discuss why the majority of coffee is so damn bitter.  This launched the PhD's to begin doing research as to the process of coffee, from blending and roasting to grinding and brewing; the latter is where they saw the solution to ending coffee bitterness and they launched Docs' Stone Ground Coffee.

The doctors discovered the inconsistencies and chemical reactions that occur when beans are chopped or affected by heat which burns the beans even by even the most expensive and highest regarded burr grinders.  What they realized is that in order to perfect a cup of coffee, they needed to return to the old days of stone grinding, a practice that became outdated with the growth of large corporate coffee shops and the need for ever-increasing production.

They created a stone-grinding technique that, while only yielding 10% the volume of industrial burr grinding solutions, avoided tainting the taste of the coffee beans. Their studies showed that by using stone to grind the beans, they were able to preserve the natural oils that the roasted coffee beans exude.  While their stone-grinders are only able to do a fraction of the production since they literally stone-grind one bean at a time, the taste of the coffee is amazing!

So why aren't major coffee manufacturers using this technique?  Our guess is that since the technique is slower it costs much more for companies and thus hurts their profit margins.  Luckily for us, Docs' Stone Ground Coffee cares more about a tasty cup of coffee than their bottom line.  They informed us that "It's just not worth compromising for a few extra dollars".

Docs Stone Grind Beans

We at The Bean Buzz did a side-by-side comparison of Docs', Starbucks Verona Blend, Eight O'Clock 100% Columbian and the Caribou Blend and there was no competition for us.  There was significantly less bitterness and what we found was a smooth, delicious coffee taste with hints of caramel and chocolate.  While some coffee drinkers enjoy that "bite" that comes with the bitterness, these taste buds will be adding Docs' Stone Ground Coffee to the monthly order.


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