Small Batch Organic Coffee Brand Making Big Waves in the Coffee World

People’s Organic Coffee has been buzzing around coffee circles recently as an up-and-coming small-batch brand and critics have been anything but critical.  Founder Lynn Gordon, a pioneer in the industry of natural foods and sustainability, had a vision of bringing eco-friendly foods and beverages to the people of Minnesota and seven locations later and an amazing coffee brand later, has not looked back.

In 2005, Gordon started a new concept of an all-natural/organic restaurant in a North American airport and introduced it in as a cafe in the Minneapolis Airport.  The successful concept took off and spread to other airports including Milwaukee, Salt Lake City and Atlanta.  This motivated Gordon to next found People’s Organic Coffee & Wine Cafes throughout Minnesota and Massachusetts and this is where a beautifully sourced and roasted coffee was born.

The concept stresses a total eco-sustainability and social justice throughout the world.  Her efforts have awarded her accolades which include: Minnesota’s SBA Business Person of the Year and the “Proggy”, which awarded by PETA annually for her work in pioneering vegetarian foods.  Gordon has served on the board for the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture and The Hemp Industries Association and she currently serves on the Advisory Board of Climate Generation, a Will Steger Legacy.


Lynn Gordon, Founder of People's Organic Choice


The coffee is awesome; plain and simple.  People’s Organic Coffee offers a variety of blends and single-origin beans that do not miss the mark.  The Sumatra and Nicaraguan are roasted with a dark profile and the roast along with the air-cooled finish create a complicated mix of tasting notes that finish excellently.  While the Sumatra is a richer bean with a smooth finish, it is not to be outdone by the Nicaraguan signature bourbon taste, and beautiful balance to the tongue.

What Makes People's Taste So Freakin Good

  • Gourmet Beans - All beans used in People's Organic are considered "Gourmet" meaning they have a minimum SCAA Grade of 80+ out of 100
  • Roasted Fresh - Even though they sell exclusively in stores and on Amazon, they distribute a limited inventory to insure the freshest beans are sent to you
  • Air-Cooled - This optimal roast cooling method insures all of the natural sugars and flavors come out of the beans.  It's a much more expensive process, but they won't cut corners
  • Wet Processed - Again, this more expensive and involved processing method produces the highest quality coffee & helps eliminate dangerous mycotoxins
  • Single Origin & Blends - They source their single origin beans from some of the top farms in the world and their blends optimize origins and allow for amazing flavor compliments


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The Earth Blend, while profiled dark, is a bit lighter than the two-aforementioned beans.  The Earth Blend reminded us of a well-balanced Shiraz, balancing a spicy, yet sweet taste and a smooth finish.  The Guatemalan serves as their bean with training wheels.  They utilize the light roast to optimize this Huehuetenango bean.  These highlands of Guatemala produce a bright and flavorful bean that exhibits sharp floral tones. In addition, you will notice kisses of fruitiness among the waves of lavender; a staple of the region.

The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a best-seller along with the Sumatra.  Lightly roasted, it exhibits the Ethiopian floral, earthy notes and explodes with flavor when compared to a Sidamo or Jima, which have a softer citrus profile.

If you're into blends, their Nation Blend and People's Choice are legit.  The Nation Blend is a blend of Ethiopia, Guatemala, Peru and Columbia. The blend compliments each of the beans' attributes and creates a symphony of lightly-roasted taste.  The Winter Blend stems from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Nicaragua and Guatemala.  This Holiday Blend is seasonal, but screams nutty and berry notes, but has a rich, chocolaty finish.  

All beans are USDA Organic Certified, Fair Trade Organization (FTO) to insure fair wages to the farmers and are Shade Grown certified .  From their wet processing to the Air-Cooled, small-batch approach to roasting, no detail is overlooked in this artesian coffee to insure you get the best-tasting, ideally roasted coffee.  People’s Organic Coffee is a must-have for any coffee lover!

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